Staff List

Meet the staff at our school!

Staff List

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Mrs Robinson – Headteacher

Mrs Phillipson– Senior Leader

Mrs Conroy – Chair of Governors


Mrs Dellow – Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Phillipson – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs C Clark – Year 4 Teacher (part-time)

Mrs Kennedy – Year 4 Teacher (part-time)

Mr Wharrier – Year 3 teacher

Miss Curtiss – Year 2 Teacher (part-time)

Mrs Hill – Year 2 Teacher (part-time)

Mrs K Clark – Year 1 Teacher (part-time)

Mrs Hall – Year 1 Teacher (part-time)

Mrs Dowling – Reception Class Teacher (part-time)

Mrs Howe – Reception Class Teacher (part-time)

Miss Brady – Nursery Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Miss Parkin – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wilson – KS1 Teaching assistant

Mrs Sexton – Reception Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Johnson – Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Cartner – 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss Fedynec – 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Clark – 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mrs Reynolds – School Secretary

Mr Cullen – Site Manager

Mrs Noble – Cleaner

Mrs Robson – Cook

Miss Hope – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Todman – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Kettle – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Butler – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Goodfellow – Lunchtime Assistant

Miss Radcliffe – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Tamilvannan – Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Woods – Lunchtime Assistant

Early Years in the snow!

Children in need 2023 in Year 2

Wearing our Pudsey ears and spots!

Year 2 Liturgy – World Youth Day

Year 2 enjoyed sharing their prayers and the Gospel for World Youth Day with our parents and the school.


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