Vision, Values, Ethos & Mission

Jesus said, ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full’.

Mission Statement

Jesus said, ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full’.

St John’s Gospel 10:10

We strive towards this mission by:

  • Offering a safe and welcoming environment for all; 
  • Leading the children to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and fostering the growth of that faith in every member of the school community; 
  • Enveloping the school in prayer, making worship and liturgy inspiring and meaningful for all;
  • Encouraging parents, with the parish community, to fulfil their responsibilities towards the spiritual development of their children especially in regard to the weekly celebration of Mass;
  • Ensuring that all children are provided with a challenging and broad curriculum and are offered a wide variety of experiences;
  • Expecting the highest standards of achievement and behaviour from all;
  • Working in partnership with families to ensure each child reaches their potential.

Democracy at St Alban’s

We listened to many good speeches from our head boy and girl candidates this week. They were all very brave to stand in front of the whole school to tell us about how they would be great leaders of our school. When we voted, we thought about who had the best ideas. Congratulations to our […]

Green Flag Eco Award!

Mrs Kennedy and the Eco Committee worked hard all year last year to gather evidence and establish more eco working practises. The green flag will be flown at St Alban’s! Well done everyone.

Our fabulous helpers

We have fabulous volunteers who come into school in their own valuable time to help us. These two wonderful ladies help us in all sorts of ways including reading with the children every week.


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